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FoodFuels online nutrition programs were developed by Aaron Boniecki – a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer with over 20 years of experience mastering nutrition for himself and his clients. His unrelenting devotion to creating the optimal weight loss program promotes healthy habits that achieve sustained physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


So now you can stop the fad diets and workouts with a proven nutrition program that you can stick to for a lifetime, while finally achieving your weight loss goals and sustaining your ideal weight. 




FoodFuels Has Helped Thousands Successfully Lose Weight

Have you tried just about every diet and workout but can’t seem to get results? These people were just like you, looking for a weight loss program that’s easy to stick to and actually works. Then they found FoodFuels… and the photos speak for themselves


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Check out the photos to see the typical FoodFuels results for yourself
  • Check out the photos to see the typical FoodFuels results for yourself

    Meet some of our Coaches

    • Karli Goodrich

      "I love helping to empower individuals to a healthier lifestyle. It’s amazing how putting the right combination of foods in your body can really make it thrive."

        Karli Goodrich loves helping members succeed in their journeys toward a new lifestyle and weight loss success. With the FoodFuels team as her inspiration, she helps her clients by striving to understand what motivates and inspires them to work hard, and how she can help them achieve their goals.

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    • Marcie Kleinman

      "I LOVE helping other people feel their best! I love being part of their journey of losing weight while gaining muscle mass, energy, confidence and, most importantly, health."

        Marcie Kleinman has successfully coached many clients to improve their health for themselves and their families. A mother of two girls, she is passionate about being a positive role model for them and for her community. She believes that FoodFuels is the path to good health.

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    • Barbie Emerson

      "I inspire and motivate my clients so each one succeeds on their own terms. Failure is NOT an option!"

        Barbara Emerson is a knowledgeable and dedicated coach who genuinely cares about the success of each one of her clients. She takes time to understand their unique situations and gives them the tools they need to pave their own journey. 

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    • Tricia Arseneau

      "I am passionate about helping my clients not only reach their weight loss goal, but teaching them how to maintain their ideal weight for a lifetime. I love seeing clients have success and feeling more confident about themselves! "

        Tricia views coaching as a rewarding experience and an honor to not only help clients with their weight loss journey, but to also hear them say they feel the best they ever have. 

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    • Teri Cohen

      "FoodFuels works. There is nothing out there like it! It’s manageable, maintainable, and it involves real, natural food all day long – what more could you ask for?"

        Teri understands that when you feel good, you look good, you are in a better mood, and everything else seems to follow.  She loves pushing members to acheive their personal best and carry it with them on a daily basis!

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    • Debbie Keller

      "Being a wife and busy mother of three, FoodFuels has been an amazing addition to not only my life, but my entire family’s life"

        Debbie Keller began FoodFuels in 2015 and it’s become her way of life ever since. She loves it for its simplicity and effectiveness, and the fact that it requires no supplements or gimmicks… just clean eating. She’s excited to share the benefits of FoodFuels and help others achieve their goals. 


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    • Deena Regenwor

      "Food Fuels changed my life. When I was faced with the battle of a lifetime, CANCER, learning how to eat clean was the ultimate game changer. "

        It is an invigorating feeling I get when I am able to pay it forward and inspire others to reach their health goals. FoodFuels is life changing and I am honored to be able to help others.

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    • Laura Ellis

      "When my clients tell me they FEEL so much better, or when they have made the connection between food as fuel and not a reward or emotional outlet, I know FoodFuels has changed their lives. "

        Laura loves the nutrition and control FoodFuels gives her, and how it helps her clients have breakthrough moments along their weight loss journeys.

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    • Jennifer Henderson

      "I am committed and passionate about helping my clients create healthy, life changing habits. It is amazing to see them feel their best and achieve their goals. I am truly honored to be a part of their journey!"

        Jennifer loves helping her clients work the program into their unique schedules and develop a lifestyle change that benefits not only them, but their entire families!

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    • Jen Golding

      "FoodFuels has changed my life and my wardrobe!   As a mother to 3 kids, my life has always been on-the-go trying to keep up with everyones busy schedules.  FoodFuels has simplified everything for me and my family.  "

        Jen is a positive coach with a can-do attitude who loves encouraging her clients everyday.  She loves seeing their success on the program and enjoys celebrating each milestone along the way.   She can't wait to help you get the body and life you absolutely deserve!

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    • Megan Nims

      "I'm a wife, mother, and teacher who has struggled with digestive issues and weight loss for years. After eating clean and healthy for years with no results, Food Fuels has been my golden ticket to a new lifestyle."

        Megan is passionate about providing clients with the right tools and motivation to use real food to fuel their bodies and achieve their weight loss goals.  This was a life changing experience for her, and she is dedicated to make sure it is for you too.

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    • Shelley Marevka

      "After trying EVERY fad diet, I discovered FoodFuels. No pills, shakes, or packaged foods to buy. I lost 35 lbs. AND finally feel like ME again."

        Shelley is a full time secretary, wife, and mother of two who knows  the struggles of everyday life. She loves helping people look and feel great about themselves all the while sharing in their adventure on this lifestyle journey. Shelley can teach you how FoodFuels can and will work for you to become the best YOU there can be!

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    • Cassie Mathison

      " I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teens and have struggled with weight loss for years. I have tried just about every diet and exercise plan out there and never achieved great results, until I joined FoodFuels and lost 45lbs!"

        As a mom and photographer, Cassie would love to help you learn how to balance losing weight while juggling a busy lifestyle.   She would be excited to not only help you lose weight, but FEEL great as well.  Join her team to be a part of this game changing lifestyle! 

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    • Nina Ferolo

      "I love that my clients are all unique. Regardless of gender or age, they all have their own story and reason for wanting to lose weight. My goal as your personal coach is to help you reach your goals."

        I love living the Foodfuels lifestyle. Now that I have this huge weight off my shoulders (40 lbs to be exact), I am more confident, energetic and feel 10 years younger. Think of me as your Foodfuels support system. I am here to listen, teach, motivate and keep you accountable.

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    • Elizabeth Cole

      "Being a nurse and a military wife with two little ones, it doesn't leave much time. After having babies, I needed something that worked! FoodFuels is a game changer in weight management and over all health!"

        Elizabeth is dedicated in getting you to your goal. She will provide lots of motivation and a little tough love when needed. Her main focus is to get you where you want to be in your weight lose journey and feeling great along the way, both physically and mentally.

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    • Sheri Wilson

      "Joining FoodFuels was the best decision I ever made! I have suffered with digestive issues and migraines most of my life. Now I’m medicine free and 34 lbs lighter."

        Sheri wants to share what she learned about the FoodFuels lifestyle with others and help her clients shed unwanted pounds. She wants to teach them to eat the right foods that will ultimately benefit their health, mind, and body.

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    • Kim Butterfield

      "I love that I am able to help people lose weight and feel great. FoodFuels gives people the tools they need for success, not just for the duration of their membership, but for LIFE! It has helped me be my best self."

        Kim Butterfield has been where you are.  As a busy wife and mother of four, she has lost 45 pounds. She knows how to teach you the simplicity of fitting FoodFuels into your life and is a natural motivator. Kim would love to welcome you to her team.

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    • Jim Patterson

      "FoodFuels has changed my life in a positive way. Not only have I lost 32 lbs. and increased my energy level, but dropped my cholesterol over 150 points."

        Jim is a husband, a Father of two incredible boys, a FoodFuels Coach, and a Crossfit L1 trainer. He is passionate about helping his clients improve their overall health and longevity. Jim's goal is to teach each of his clients how to live a healthy lifestyle, not just for the short term, but for life.

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    • Cindy Walters

      "I was astonished at how well FoodFuels worked for me and how easy the plan was to follow. My workout times have improved as well as my overall health."

        Cindy is a multiple sport athlete, wife and mother.  She is excited to be able to guide people on their journey to better health and a better way of living.   She understands that every client is different and is looking forward to helping each achieve their goals.

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    • Zeke Fogarty

      "I've lifted weights and been into fitness/nutrition since high school and NOTHING compares and works like FoodFuels! I learned the intricate details of the plan, and I want to help you learn the same."

        Zeke is a husband, father of 5 and a full time Air Force Reservist. He’s competed in natural bodybuilding, powerlifting contest, a personal trainer and the former CEO/owner of a nutritional/fitness company.  He is here to educate, encourage, motivate and help YOU be the BEST YOU!

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    • Kimberly Walker

      "I love what FoodFuels has done for me and my family. I’ve been an athlete, trainer and physical therapist for 20 years, but have never seen a program like FoodFuels. I enjoyed great personal success losing 40 pounds and regaining my youth with Food"

        Kimberly is dedicated and passionate about FoodFuels. She is ready to share the knowledge she gained firsthand as a successful client of FoodFuels and to help her clients achieve their weight loss goals, while enjoying life.  If you are ready to commit, Kimberly is ready to help you get the results you want!

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    • Karla Pralle

      "Weight gain from depression and the challenges of raising my 3 active children made the reality of losing weight nearly impossible. Losing over 65 pounds with FoodFuels has allowed me to regain my self-confidence, energy, and health!"

        Karla strives to be the accountability partner and motivator her clients need.  She enjoys sharing her FoodFuels experiences, education, and healthy lifestyle with her team. Karla wants to help each person be their best self, despite the complexities and hustle of their lives!

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