Frequently Asked Questions
FoodFuels FAQs: The Best Way to Lose Weight

When should I join FoodFuels?

Every membership to our site includes 3 extra days to give you ample time to connect with your coach, go shopping, and become familiar with our website and program.  We want to ensure you are comfortable with the program and ready to start instead of rushing and potentially missing out on key aspects of FoodFuels.

What is included with the FoodFuels weight loss program?

When you join FoodFuels, you gain access to a meal plan that fully unleashes your metabolism. The healthy diet meal plan is designed to work hand-in-hand with your digestive tract, promoting efficient and accelerated weight loss. Enjoy optional gluten-free meal plans, which are also dairy free and made with easy-to-find whole foods. Your meal plan is conveniently sorted to help you prep your meals, so you spend less time in the kitchen. Our program also includes a weekly grocery list to help make shopping quick and easy, along with tools and alternative food choices so you can create the meal plan you desire.


You also get connected with your own FoodFuels Coach, who’s dedicated to keeping you accountable, educated, motivated and on track with your goals and plan. Your Coach will work with you closely and educate you to help make FoodFuels a long-term lifestyle change, versus the typical short-term, ‘yo-yo’ diets so many people struggle with. As a FoodFuels member, you’ll have access to your personal private Fuel Gauge Page. This page will display your progress utilizing easy-to-read graphs and gauges so you have a clear visual to keep track of your weight loss milestones and progress. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our resourceful recipe, community and leaderboard pages. Indeed, FoodFuels provides you with all the right tools and technologies to FUEL your life-long weight loss success!

Can the FoodFuels program really help me boost my metabolism?

Absolutely — YES! Everything in FoodFuels’ Meal Plan is based on healthy whole food ingredients, specifically designed to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. You’ll say goodbye to the physical and emotional roller coaster rides by eliminating wrong food combinations and boring, low-calorie diets. Our recommended foods and combinations work with your body, instead of fighting against it. You’ll quickly see and feel the benefits of the program.

Are these recipes for men, women, or both?

These recipes are healthy and productive for all people and body types. Everyone benefits from avoiding harmful, pre-made processed foods and replacing them with the highest quality bioavailable whole food ingredients.

Will I need to buy hard-to-find ingredients to make these recipes?

Not at all! Most of the recommended ingredients can be found in regular grocery stores and ordered online, so you can save money and time. You don’t need to buy exotic, rare fruit from far-away countries, or hunt through specialized supplement stores to get results. FoodFuels’ meal plan is healthy, based on real food. It’s the best way to lose weight!

Will I have to spend a lot of money to get all of the ingredients for the recipes?

Quite the contrary. With a little planning and food prep, you’ll be able to make healthy meals easily, and you’ll actually save money by not eating unhealthy meals at restaurants and constantly buying snacks. Plus, avoiding processed foods loaded with additives will help you stay fit and healthy, avoiding a range of costly and crippling illnesses. You’ll be way ahead of the game with this program!

Do I have to follow recipes and Meal Plans exactly, or do I have flexibility? What if I don't like an ingredient, or I'm allergic?

FoodFuels promotes success with a wide variety of meal and ingredient options to choose from. If you don’t like something on the plan or want to mix things up, you can. Plus, we have an extensive recipe page with many delicious recipes to choose from, so you always have choices to suit your preferences. We make healthy eating fun!

Will I have to spend hours every day in the kitchen?

To help you embrace and sustain a healthy lifestyle change, FoodFuels minimizes the amount of time you need to spend prepping your meals.  You’ll only need a couple hours to prep most of your food for an entire week. Or you can split it up and cook what you need, as needed. Either way, your time in the kitchen will be minimal, so there’s lots of spare time to enjoy other activities.

What if this doesn’t work for me, what is your refund policy?

Given the investment in research, materials and resources that go into helping you, we don’t offer a refund policy. Instead, we focus 100% on helping you achieve your goals and objectives, for a healthy, sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

I want to join your program, but want to make sure other members can’t see my information. Can I stay anonymous?

Yes, a private FoodFuels membership is an option. As a member, you can opt out of the leaderboard and not share personal information with anyone, except your coach and site administrator. However, if you wish to become a private member, you will not be able to post or like images on the community page, or comment on recipes. All of your weight entries and photos will remain private and secure within your personal dashboard.

Do you provide the food while on the FoodFuels program?

No, that’s an expensive and failing formula offered by so many diet plans and companies. We set clients up for long-term success by educating and coaching them to enjoy healthy, self-sufficient lifestyles. FoodFuels will teach you how to achieve weight loss, and sustain it long term.

What type of results can I expect in the first week?

You can expect noticeable results in just day one. FoodFuels has proudly helped thousands of people achieve long-term, breath-taking weight loss results. In fact, FoodFuelers often achieve 5 to 12 pounds of weight loss within the first week alone. That’s because, unlike other weight loss programs, FoodFuels harnesses the power within you. Your digestive tract dictates how fast or slow more metabolism functions, and we leverage that knowledge.

I noticed that most weight loss companies promote a heavy, protein-based nutritional regimen. Can I eat carbs on the FoodFuels program?

Yes, with FoodFuels you can absolutely eat carbs! What other weight loss companies do not consider, is that carbs are only bad when consumed improperly. Carbs are not the enemy! In fact, they can be a metabolic fat burning friend!

Are there any pills, supplements, or protein shakes needed during the FoodFuels program?

Absolutely not! FoodFuels is against all artificial products and ingredients. No pills, gimmicks, or supplements — just healthy, natural weight loss. That’s what we stand for.

When will my coach be available to work with me?

Coaches are available to work with members Monday-Friday during standard business hours.  Our coaches job is to make sure you are prepared and ready to stay on track over the weekend.  We want to ensure you are thinking two steps ahead while on the program so you can be successful.